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CBT is an evidence based therapy aimed at shifting unhelpful thoughts and beliefs which impact on emotions and behavior.

What is CBT?

How does CBT differ from other forms of counselling or therapy?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, also known as “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”, or simply “CBT”, is a form of psychological therapy which has been derived from several decades of research into emotions, thinking, and behaviour. “Cognitive” refers to the fact that CBT aims to teach people to recognise and correct unhelpful “cognitions” (i.e. thoughts and beliefs). And the word “Behaviour” reflects the fact that CBT is also concerned with altering people’s behaviour patterns where they are unproductive or counterproductive.  

However the thing that most differentiates CBT from most other therapies is that it has been tested in a large number of controlled trials on many different psychological conditions. It has frequently been shown to be more effective than other forms of therapy. In fact research suggests it is currently the treatment of choice for many psychological conditions. For this reason CBT is part of what is sometimes called “Evidence-Based Practice”, i.e. it is firmly based on research evidence.  

CBT is also different from many other forms of therapy in that much of the change is expected to occur outside the therapy room. Your therapist will set home-based tasks for you to practice utilising techniques you have learnt during sessions. These may be behavioural exercises such as implementing certain relaxation techniques, or may be cognitive exercises such as using techniques to challenge negative thoughts.


Does the fact that it’s “scientific” mean that CBT therapy is impersonal?

Not at all. A CBT therapist will aim to empathise with you and understand your situation in the same way that any counsellor will. The difference is likely to be that they will be teaching you a variety of skills or “tools” that have been shown to be effective in addressing the specific problems you are struggling with.

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